Hellhouse Launches KinkyServices.com

SEATTLE — Hellhouse Media has launched KinkyServices.com with the goal of becoming a top online destination for erotic personal ads, services and toys. 

The company created the site in the wake of Craigslist being pressure by law enforcement and officials to drop the erotic services section from its network of websites. KinkyServices is branding itself as the new alternative posting arena for erotic service providers and sex-seeking adults in general. Filling the Craigslist gap is foremost on the company's mind, according to Ty Gonty, Hellhouse Media CEO.

"Absolutely. We hope to provide a new alternative for anyone seeking, or offering, casual encounters and erotic services," Gonty told AVN.com Thursday.

KinkyServices.com features sections for adult-oriented personals, erotic services, job postings, an adult buy-and-sell section and other areas for posting online classifieds.

So far, the site offers pages/sections for all major U.S. cities, and is expanding the selection of cities daily.

Based on the same concept as Craigslist, KinkyServices will provide a familiar platform for quick posting-publishing of ads. The site is focusing on adult-oriented categories, allowing users to create more complex listing designs, and has an overall format that provides for easier navigation, the company said.

KinkyServices also plans to expand upon Web 2.0 capabilities, allowing integration with RSS feeds as well as social networking profiles.

“This is our answer to Craigslist eliminating the erotic services category, and charging $10 per ad for the new adult section. We feel this is a good time to launch KinkyServices.com and generate as much attention and buzz as possible,” said Gonty. “The addition of KinkyServices.com to the Hellhouse Media family allows us to continue integrating our brand while staying on the forefront of the adult community.”

The site will also seek to steer clear of the same law enforcement barrage that's come down on Craigslist.

"We actively monitor postings, and if we see anything blatantly illegal, we warn the poster and delete the listing," Gonty told AVN.com. "With that being said, though, Craigslist is not breaking any laws and clearly stands behind their right to offer a listing service for these types of services, as do we. As the CEO of Craigslist pointed out recently, it's no different from the ads in the back of weekly newspapers that exist in most major cities. As a response to political pressure, Craigslist decided to charge for their ads. We, however, are intent on offering a free service to our users."

To check out the site or post ads, visit KinkyServices.com.

For additional information, e-mail [email protected].