HeatSeek Goes International

HeatSeek has released three new localized-language versions of its adult browser and file management software. The software is now available in French, Japanese, and Chinese, with more localized versions on the way, according to the company.

"Going international opens up large new markets for our software and allows our partner and affiliate sites to capitalize on prime geographic targeting," said a HeatSeek company representative. "Interested sites can advertise or be promoted within a specific language version of HeatSeek, giving them access to pre-filtered, 100-percent human traffic at the moment the users are interested in adult content.

"We've already seen a large demand for HeatSeek from overseas users, so localizing and promoting websites in their native language was a no-brainer," he continued. "A lot of cultures have a huge demand for adult content, but consider it a taboo to be caught with the content on their computers. We solve both of these problems elegantly while giving the users an overall better experience in the adult world."

Billed as "the ultimate software for adult content," HeatSeek comprises a browser and media manager which protect and encrypt user files, browsing history, and activity so no traces are left on a computer. HeatSeek also includes user-friendly features designed for adult-content consumers and provides a source of pre-filtered traffic for website publishers.