Heather Pink, Powder Leave KSEX

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Adult performer Heather Pink and LeMayzing Pictures office manager Powder have resigned as on-air hosts for KSEX.


"Heather and I both feel it is the right time to move on from KSEX," Powder said. "We are both incredibly grateful to the fans and the other hosts at KSEX who supported us over the last year. If it hadn't been for people like Wankus, Kylie Ireland and LorrAINIAC opening the door, I would have never had a chance to become a part of the adult industry. I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity they gave me."


Their show, "Pinky and the Geek," will continue in one form or another, Powder said.


"Heather and I have been contacted over the last few months by several Internet companies that are interested in broadcasting ‘Pinky and the Geek' on their respective websites," she said. "Also, Martin and Steele of the Internet radio show ‘From the Ville' have been helping Heather and I make new business contacts, as well.



"Whatever decision we make, we want to make sure that it's for the best, not only for ourselves, but for the listening audience, as well."


For updates on "Pinky and the Geek," visit the show's MySpace page.