Harry Kenney of Dirty Gloves Dies

PHILADELPHIA - Harry "Drayvk" Kenney, CEO of Dirty Gloves Inc., died Thursday evening.

On the All of EM website, CFO and co-owner Electra posted: "Dravyk, Harry Kenney, CEO of Dirty Gloves, my friend and business partner for many years died at 10pm, Thursday January 15th. I was on the phone with him when he had a heart attack, and I was the one who called 911. Police and ambulance arrived at his home quickly and did their best to revive him but they couldn't."

Kenney was a pioneer in the Internet adult entertainment industry.  He met Electra on a computer business bulletin board in the mid-90s and they formed a partnership in 1998, the same year he went to work as an editor for The Condom Project. He founded the Condom Chronicles, which was the first and, at the time only, online news publication for the adult Internet industry.

In 2003, he told AVN Online, "It was the progenitor for YNOTNews, Rookie Class, DFN Weekly, and all things later to come. We announced content releases and new sponsor pay sites, linked to mainstream news that affected adult Webmasters, offered a weekly cartoon, developed the 250-by-250 banner ad format.... There was much more we created there that has since become adult industry standard."

When he lost a columnist for the weekly publication, Electra was the first person he thought of to fill the vacant spot. By the end of 1999, the pair left The Condom Project (by then called Netpond) and took part-time jobs in the adult industry, eventually launching their own site, Free Porn List, and incorporated Dirty Gloves.

Dirty Gloves' All of 'Em debuted in July 2000 and has been a prominent adult webmaster resource throughout the decade. Mainstream Webmasters followed.

Former AVN Online Editor in Chief Kathee Brewer said, "Harry was an inveterate geek, a thinker, a confirmed nut and a sweetheart. He and Electra were (and she continues to be) delightful people - always ready to lend a helping hand, always looking for new ways to approach old issues and always ready with an irreverent quip. Both of them were fountains of historical data and memories about the industry, and as is said, ‘what is past is prologue.' The industry has lost a candle."