Half4YouHalf4Me.com Launches PenelopeSky.com, Chaydin.com

TAMPA, Fla. - New affiliate program Half4YouHalf4Me launched this month alongside two new paysites, Penelope Sky and Chaydin.

"We try to keep things simple since we do everything on our own, start to finish,"

Brian W., owner of Half4YouHalf4Me and partner of PenelopeSky.com, told AVN Online. "Currently we are adding tools and features to the affiliate program, but Penelope Sky and Chaydin are ready to promote right now."

Brian W. is hoping the program keeps his girls out of the "homemade" niche, but believes the quality of the content will keep users from passing judgment.

"We film in high-definition and offer five different ways to download or stream the video, even in parts where the video is more than 10 minutes long," he said. "After a year, we finally have all the encoding done the right way, so we're in good shape."

Penelope Sky, a favorite on HomeMadePaysite.com, is very outgoing and sensual.

"I love sex and I truly endeavor to get the guy off and make a great video," Sky told AVN Online. "We make only high-quality custom videos. In fact, I recently did an anal video in order to satiate my fans who were chomping at the bit for it. It was one of the rare occasions where someone filmed a video titled Losing My Anal Virginity and it was actually the truth."

There are more anal videos planned for Penelope Sky in the future, according to Brian W.

"Penelope likes making videos with girls, another first on film for her, and intends to bring more of her friends to join in," Brian W. added. "Nothing beats filming a scene with such electricity. If I can capture 10 percent of that on video, I know it will be good."

There is also a bonus section of Penelope Sky's site that offers free DVDs, fan signs and polls for members to vote on what they would like to see next.

"In the future we plan to do webcam shows and a non-nude calendar for veteran members," Brian W. said.

For more information on Penelope Sky and Chaydin, visit their sites or the Half4YouHalf4Me affiliate program.