Guess What Penthouse Pets Petted on Dr. Suzy's Show?

LOS ANGELES—When 10:30 rolled around last Saturday night, the four Penthouse Pets (and current and former adult movie stars) McKenzee Miles, Ryan Keely, Phoenix Marie and Isis Taylor were ready for action—or, in the language of the night's theme, "self-petting."

"It's like I could build a city with Penthouse Pets," Dr. Susan Block gushed. "Four is wonderful; great!"

After the introductions were completed, Dr. Suzy asked each Pet how she got into porn. McKenzee revealed that she came to L.A. with a friend from her home in Oregon to get into adult movies, which she did for about a year and a half, then moved back to Oregon, got a boob job, came back to do more porn, and eventually hooked up with Penthouse. Ryan, on the other hand, got into performing via retail, having worked as a radio personality, an adult store clerk, a talent agent, a buyer for "a major company," and finally as a performer.

"Being in Penthouse was a really important part of achieving my dream, making everything I wanted to have happen, happen," she said.

The Pets were there to promote the new line of Penthouse toys from Topco, the "Penthouse mode collection," which are stylized with rhinestones, feathers and other decorations—and they're waterproof. Isis, for instance, showed a vibrating vagina; Phoenix showed off a new anal vibe because "I actually cum harder and more frequently from anal sex" (though at first glance, Dr. Suzy immediately thought it was a feather duster); McKenzee showed a black dildo with a handle; and after a tiny bit of convincing, Ryan demonstrated a ridged, flesh-colored vibe on Dr. Suzy's very own bed.

Actually, the first to demonstrate her sexual skills was Phoenix, who, after demonstrating that she could put her entire fist in her mouth, shed her outerwear to reveal a crimson bra and panties, then reclined on the bed and proceeded to put her ankles behind her neck to show how easily she could get at her pussy when she (or anyone she allowed) wanted to.

Before long, all the gals were crowding onto Dr. Suzy's bed, though only Phoenix and Ryan got naked. Isis allowed a little topless action and showed that she was wearing see-through panties, and McKenzee (who revealed that she was retiring from the adult business), managed to pop a tit out of her top, but those revelations were fairly short-lived.

Ryan, on the other hand, was ready for action, and toward the show's end, when Dr. Suzy asked her to demonstrate her "self-petting" ability, whipped off her panties, stuffed them alternately in her mouth and pussy, then grabbed the flesh-colored vibe and started rubbing it on her clit and pussy lips, her screams of delight somewhat muted owing to her mouth being full of panty.

All in all, it was a fun evening, and an especially enjoyable way to wrap up "Masturbation Month."