‘Gossip Girl’ Star's Sex Tape Going for $1 Mil

LOS ANGELES — The alleged sex tape of Gossip Girl TV star Leighton Meester is reportedly being offered for $1 million.

According to Fox News, Mr. Skin has already turned down an offer to buy the tape for $100,000.

Owner Jim McBride said his site passed on it because "it’s not our thing. I celebrate nudity in movies and TV, but always with respect for the actresses who choose to bare their bodies on-screen. Homemade sex tapes fall beyond that scope. When Leighton Meester is ready to do a proper movie or TV nude scene — on her own terms — Mr. Skin will review it, report on it, and celebrate Leighton in the fashion that has made our site famous. Until then, out of respect for her talent and beauty we want nothing to do with the tape."

As reported last week, by AVN.com, sex tape broker and promoter Kevin Blatt said the tape is legitimate and also claims Meester was over 18 when it was recorded with her boyfriend at the time.

Still no comments from the Meester camp or her attorneys, who Blatt suggested might try to play the age card.

"In my opinion this tape will not destroy her career," Blatt told Radar Online. "It’s very playful, actually. It’s not shot in high definition and looks like it has been shot using a video camera while they are both fooling around. I have been surprised by the level of interest in it.”

Meester plays Blair Waldorf on the popular CW TV show. She did not have a typical childhood; her parents were in prison on drug charges when she was born. Her mother was allowed an early release to raise her then-16-month-old daughter.

And the celebrity sex tapes keep on coming.

Examiner.com claims another recorded sex romp is due featuring Danielle Staub of the Bravo reality series Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Staub's ex-boyfriend Steve Zalewski told the tabloid Star that the 46-year-old single mother is "sex-crazed" and said he has the sex tape to prove it, according to Mahalo.

Staub supposedly wants to score a photo spread in Playboy, and some think a sex tape could help in that goal. Zalewski also told Star that his ex was always in need of cash, burning through money and borrowing thousands to buy jewelry when she couldn't pay household bills or buy groceries.

Meanwhile, another reported sex tape of pop singer Rihanna from several weeks back turned out to be a hoax.

LiveNews reported the short, 13-second Rihanna sex tape allegedly shot on a cell phone was actually edited footage of porn performer Lavish Styles. The lighting was treated with a “night vision” green filter to create a look similar to Paris Hilton’s sex tape, making it appear as though it came from a cell phone.

Rihanna still has other problems and is due in court later this year to testify against former boyfriend Chris Brown for nasty assault and battery charges going back to the week of the Grammys earlier this year.