Google Rejects 'Jack & Jiggle' Mobile App

MIAMI - Google has removed an explicit version of the mobile phone app Jack & Jiggle from its G1 Marketplace, just days after The SCORE Group made the download available to consumers.

Jack & Jiggle allows users to manipulate a moaning girl on their cell phone screens by shaking or "jacking" the handset up and down. SCORE created an explicit version of the app in response to popular demand.

"Jack & Jiggle isn't showing anything that people can't find using Google from their G1 phone," SCORE Group creative director Lio Berlanga told AVN Online. "It is just an easier, faster and funnier way to get your dose of porn on the go!"


Google's Android operating system was designed to compete with Apple's iPhone. So far, only T-Mobile has adopted the Android platform, although Motorola has announced plans to use the technology in the future.

The online G1 Marketplace is a partnership between Google and T-Mobile, and reserves the right to censor or remove "offensive" applications.

Consumers are questioning what is "offensive," and who decides. Meanwhile, the SCORE Group has made the application available for consumers on in both original and explicit versions.

For more information about Jack & Jiggle, e-mail [email protected].