GoGoBill Announces Partnership with BustBox Media for U.S. Mobile Content

SAN DIEGO - GoGoBill mobile payment processing announced Tuesday a joint venture with interactive mobile applications developer BustBox Media to distribute adult wireless content in the U.S.

The multi-year partnership is designed to expand the distribution of branded products and services to consumers throughout the world. GoGoBill's mobile payment expertise was the only missing piece, according to Dane Edmund, president of BustBox Media.

"The goal of BustBox Media is to take the world's most recognized brands and create a mobile presence with our software applications that deliver a superior customer experience," he said. "GoGoBill's impressive track record with mobile application development, as well as it's reach in to the adult North American market made them a perfect choice for us. We are ecstatic to be working with them during this extremely import time in our mobile distribution strategy."

Content launched last week on the BustBox website includes mobile video, a Sent-2-Phone application, mobile TV and other services currently not offered in North America.

"There is a whole new era of consumption taking place out there" said Harvey Kaplan, CEO of GoGoBill and now executive vice president of wireless development for BustBox. "Either you are taking steps to be part of it like a few did in the early days of the Internet, or you're going be left standing on the sidelines while the mobile evolution passes you buy."

Mobile Internet surfers can now enjoy high-quality adult mobile products without the hassle of transferring files from their PC via archaic means such as cables, infrared or Bluetooth.

Additionally, BustBox Media's site illustrates to content owners how lucrative adult mobile content is to PC surfers who seek a simple means by which to view their content. With the rising popularity of adult content on mobile devices such as the iPhone, BustBox has also decided to offer support for more than 5,000 different device types.

BustBox Media and GoGoBill have promised to work together in order to launch uncomplicated applications for customers to use and clients to build. These interactive mobile products include video downloads, streaming, mobile TV channels, instant mobile site creation, on-the-fly content management and other services.

North American consumers will now be able to view and sign up for adult entertainment applications previously available only to countries like Asia, Europe and Latin America.

"The possibilities of combining mobile billing and Internet access with a North America content distribution strategy are limitless," Kaplan added. "Our combined goal is to enhance content offerings and expand reach, both through traditional search engine marketing and mobile portals around the globe. Over the next few years, significant opportunities will be created for companies like BustBox and others that pay attention to the convergence of mobile and online as we look forward to a bright and prosperous future." 

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For more information visit the GoGoBill and BustBox Media websites.