Global Telephone Conferencing Service Launched

ChatterWith.Me, a new global telephone conferencing service, launched Monday. The service allows a user or a user's girls to chat anonymously with fans worldwide from the comfort of their own home, at a time of their choosing, while making money from each incoming call.

Simply advertise the desired time on the website together with a countdown clock and then call in as a host to the conference shortly before it is scheduled to begin.

A user will have overall control of the conference and can mute channels by using the keypads on your touchtone phone to cut down on background noise.

Callers to the conference can connect via premium rate numbers inside countries which support them and make a regular International Direct Dial within those that do not. Payouts per minute generated vary according to the country in which the call was made.

The service is free, instant and easy to get started. Conferences can be arranged ad-hoc anytime, anywhere, there are no limits to the amount of callers, time or money to be made and the user remains in control. Additionally there is a mute function to reduce background noise and an immediate summary of calls after conference ends.

Users will earn every minute a caller calls in and out-payments are made from a reputable telecoms company. A free recording of the chat session is also available, which can be sold 24/7 via a premium number to those who missed it.

For more information, visit the ChatterWith.Me website.