Global Masters Online Launches Affiliate Program

WOODBRIDGE, England - Pay-by-phone billing processor Global Masters Online has launched its affiliate program, which aims to help webmasters monetize their international traffic.


"Money talks in every language" is the slogan for the Global Masters Online program, which offers its affiliates promotional tools and geo-targeted websites that communicate in each surfer's native language. The program's 24 niche websites are available in 37 languages, including Russian, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese.

This, combined with the universal billing reach of the award-winning processor, is expected to help webmasters increase their global earnings. Payouts range from 50 cents to $10 per password sold, depending on the surfer's location.


The program is "great" and money "comes from all over the globe, the way it should," a client wrote in a testimonial posted at the website. Another client wrote that the program "converts well on crappy traffic."