Global Adult Billing Announces Weekly Payouts

Global Adult Billing has announced payouts will be done on a weekly basis, with webmasters and affiliates receiving each week's earnings every Friday.

"We all know what it's like to have a really successful week, wanting to celebrate or treat your self that weekend, then having to wait weeks or even months to get paid," said sales manager Scott Pattenden. "By the time you finally receive your money, the pleasure in earning it has long since past. So in order that people get their money sooner we have decided to pay people every Friday. It just makes sense."

Pattenden said the move sets Global Adult Billing apart from large companies, where webmasters and affiliates might need to wait weeks or even months to get paid.

"A small webmaster or affiliate may need that money urgently, particularly in the current economic climate where credit is becoming harder to get and most people are finding things tougher," he said.

Beginning Oct. 10, all Global Adult Billing clients who choose to will receive payment for all traffic generated up to 11:59pm (GMT) on Thursday. Customers wanting to receive payouts monthly may continue to do so.

To sign up, visit or contact Pattenden direct at [email protected] or ICQ 474-675-328.