Global Adult Billing Announces No Set-up Fees Throughout September

Global Adult Billing has announced there will be no set-up fees for new customers throughout the month of September. Anybody registering on the website by midnight Sept. 30 will have the standard $500 set-up fees waived.

"Many people are concerned that adding an additional payment provider will be an extra cost, now they have no excuse," Sales Manager Scott Pattenden explained.

Global Adult Billing provides phone and SMS (text) billing solutions worldwide and has recently seen a surge in business.

"Many people are turning to alternative payment providers as a result of the global credit crunch leading to a decrease in approvals as customers credit limits are decreased," Pattenden said. "People need to ask themselves if they can afford not to offer alternative billing."

Another common question asked is, "What is the value to my business?"

"We find that most people can increase their revenues 10-15 percent through no extra work simply by offering access to their site to the 60 percent of the globe that does not own a credit card," Pattenden said. "Many people in the U.S. are unaware that they are losing out on customers in Europe where many highly developed countries like Germany still have very low levels of credit card penetration."

For more information and details, visit the Global Adult Billing website or contact Scott Pattenden at [email protected].