Gina and Philip Mond Launch Revamped Website

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Artcore icons Philip and Gina Mond have revamped their membership site and plan to make it a one of kind showcase for Philip's unique artistic visions and Gina's sensuous beauty.

The Dutch-born Mond is internationally celebrated as an erotic photographer and artporn pioneer. His Zazel  brought a new kind of artistry to adult movies in 1997. Last year, his Sinema, starring his wife, received 10 AVN nominations, a record for an all-sex release.

Mond called the website "rudimentary" at the moment, although a visitor will find it easily navigable and stuffed with photos, video clips, hardcore previews and other goodies, including a store that sells limited edition artwork and Mond's DVDs.

"There's much more to come," Gina told AVN. "It's very new. We want to combine Philip Mond's artistic vision and my crazy sexual drive."

"It's just the beginning," Philip reiterated. "It's going to be amazing. We're going to providing people with unexpected things, highly sexual and highly tasteful. What's up now is maybe one-tenth of what you're going to see in a month or two."

They plan to shoot new content for the site every week and "update it constantly."

Launched the first week of April, the site has already drawn plenty of traffic from around the world. "Oh my god," Gina exclaimed, "we've got so many clients from Europe-Germany, England. It was surprising to find so many from overseas."

She said there seems to be a particular demand for Mond's artwork, including limited edition posters and prints (of Gina, his muse), and they plan to add more.

The Monds will use the site to premiere their latest movie, Pandemondium, a story-driven feature with dialogue and action in addition to hard sex and lavish visuals. "Next week we're going to have at least five clips from Pandemondium on the site," Philip said.

"And from there we'll just keep adding new material all the time," Gina added.

Experiencing some dissatisfaction with Club Jenna, the distributor of Sinema, they plan to sell Pandemondium themselves, directly to stores. "Basically, we want to control it more, rather than relying on other people," Mond said. But, he added, "Our DVD sales are more or less on the back burner. We're going to concentrate on the website,"

They do sell DVDs in their online store, all autographed-"by moi, of course," Gina said. They also offer Video on Demand through Gamelink.

Gina plans to introduce music to the site (she's a trained pianist) plus a clothing line she promises will be "very highly designed and highly fashionable."

Philip summed up: "We're independent now, we're not relying on anybody. Wherever there's a mistake to be made it's our own, nobody else to blame. Finally we're going to take charge ourselves. This work I do I started for Penthouse almost 30 years ago. Always working for somebody else. Finally those days are over."

"And now he's working for me!" Gina laughed. "Don't tell anybody."

She continued in a more serious vein. "We have a certain amount of stuff already done that's going to be uploaded. But we are constantly working to create more and more and more. I truly love waking up and working on things. This website is going to be huge."