Get Paid to Advertise with

Showcase Internet and Lindsay "Curious Toy Boy" announced Friday the launch of, the adult version of the mainstream traffic and referral system adds a new facet to collaborative advertising among adult websites with its inbuilt referral system, which provides an opportunity for members to build another income stream on remote control. and both operate as a free membership-based ad network that distributes advertising "gadget spots" on "gadgets" installed on the entire network of members' websites. is the first online advertising network to share ad displays amongst its members on different levels. The basic version is free.

" is already actively displaying ‘gadgets' and making good income thanks to a rewarding beta test period," Lindsay said. "We expect to be serving over 1,000 members and more than a million daily ad displays by the end of August."

Another key benefit to members is they can make money from their direct and/or automatic referrals. Every time a gadget is displayed there is a link to the program. The link automatically includes the member's referral code and by linking directly to the network and participating, members share in the two-tier affiliate program structure. This allows for monthly recurring commissions derived from the subscribed memberships referred by either method.
"The affiliate referral structure is an innovative addition for members," David Taylor, CEO of  Showcase Internet said. "To the best of my knowledge, there is no other ad network that offers any such a feature to its publishers." works using the same engine and system that has underpinned the success of its mainstream sister. and are the first stages in the planned expansion of the network. For more information, visit the family of websites.