GCruise.com Acquired by LoadedCash.com

TORONTO - Loaded Cash announced Friday the acquisition of gay dating site GCruise.com from GC Media.

Loaded Cash has lofty plans for the dating site, but GCruise.com will continue to run on its successful XXXBlackBook.com engine which has already attracted more than 11 million members to its website.

"More than just dating, this is a full-on social networking site," said AJ Durden, program director of affiliate development for Loaded Cash. "We're taking the lessons learned from our XXXBlackBook.com platform and combining them with the knowledge we've gained from researching the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. What we're offering with GCruise.com is a hybrid experience, something that is sure to excite our members - in more ways than one."

The addition of GCruise.com to Loaded Cash's lineup means exciting developments for their affiliates as well.

"This allows our affiliates to send traffic to GCruise.com or XXXBlackBook.com, or both, so they can make even more money from our sites," Durden added."

Loaded Cash offers affiliates $35 to $40 pay per sign-up, up to $1.50 pay-per-click, $1.50 per free 60/40 revshare and 10 percent of the referral income.

Visit the Loaded Cash website for more information or contact AJ Durden at [email protected].