Gamma Gets Evil With Comprehensive Website Partnership

MONTREAL, Canada/VAN NUYS, Calif.—John Stagliano’s Evil Angel Productions, a standard bearer for gonzo adult studios that is known for its director-driven approach to hardcore movie distribution, and Gamma Entertainment, a leading developer/manager of highly branded adult websites and the Canadian parent company of FameDollars, have announced a comprehensive multi-year web-oriented partnership that will begin in early 2010.

Comprehensive in scope, forward-looking in purpose, the deal will relocate all Evil Angel web properties under the Gamma umbrella, including its current affiliate program, and will involve the transition of to a membership site early next year. Gamma also will manage 30 current Evil Angel niche/director membership sites and the EvilOnDemand VOD platform, and, most significantly for Evil Angel affiliates, will manage the incorporation of EvilAngelCash into its FameDollars affiliate program.

"We're totally excited to have Evil Angel onboard with Gamma," Claude Hyppolite, one of the owners of Gamma Entertainment, said. "It’s an honor to be working with John Stagliano, who founded a brand that is internationally renowned. They already have a strong team and keep producing award winning content that consumers really love and want to see."

John Stagliano, who filmed his first Evil Angel production in 1988, is typically candid about his expectations regarding gonzo-style porn delivered via new media platforms.

"For those of us who were born so fucking long ago that we reached our dawn of fossilization before you needed a computer, this is our porn," he said. "It is raw and meant to be consumed by hardcore porn fans. We hope they have migrated to the net."

For Evil Angel General Manager Christian Mann, new media brings with it unique challenges that have all but necessitated the current arrangement.

“Evil Angel has two decades of success in B2B distribution of hard goods and content licensing, domestically and abroad," he said. "Our challenge has been online marketing to consumers in the membership sites and web affiliate business models. We’re placing that task in the hands of a company with proven expertise and integrity whose entire focus is web based. In this deal, we’ll both do what we do best—we’ll make it and they’ll get it to market.”

Adam Grayson, Evil Angel’s director of web operations, is equally enthusiastic about the upcoming assimilation of website management and development responsibilities under Gamma Entertainment and FameDollars.

“ has tremendous organic traffic built up by years of fan loyalty. The logical step is to make it the place to watch our content in a paysite model. I’ve spent time getting to know the team at Gamma and I look forward to the seeing the deal's potential unfold.” 

First up, he said, will be the relaunch of as a mega-membership site offering the entire range of Evil Angel movies from all of its directors in one site for one monthly fee, followed closely by the merging of EvilAngelCash into Fame Dollars.

‘’FameDollars launched five years ago and has enjoyed growing success in the webmaster community," Famedollars Director of Development Magalie Rheault said. "This alliance is a natural fit for both parties. Evil Angel’s content brings an edge and complements the strong brands in the FameDollars affiliate program. It’s with tremendous excitement that we’re starting this new venture."

When asked about the integration of EvilAngelCash into FameDollars and the impact on current affiliates, Mann clarified that the transition will be seamless.

"Many of our affiliates experienced the same changeover when joined FameDollars last year," he told AVN. "Affiliates can rest assured that even while EvilAngelCash merges into FameDollars, all PPS and rev-share affiliate payout deals will be honored by EvilAngelCash, since we will continue to bill recurring memberships from before the merger. It's the new joins that will be handled by FameDollars. The truly good news for affiliates on both PPS and perpetuity rev share is that the sites should enjoy an even higher conversion rate and longer retention per signup with the improved functionality, features and update schedule that are the hallmark of FameDollars sites."

For more information, contact Evil Angel Productions Director of Web Operations  Adam Grayson at [email protected] or (818) 787-1414, ext. 116, or Gamma Entertainment/FameDollars Director of Development Magalie Rheault at [email protected] or (514) 334-0177, ext. 288.

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