GameLink Offers Triple Formats of New 'Debbie'

SAN FRANCISCO – GameLink announced the pre-release availability of Debbie Does Dallas Again, the sequel to the cult classic Debbie Does Dallas. GameLink will offer the film on DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray disc. This is the first adult title released on all three DVD formats, and the first adult title ever released on Blu-ray.

Excitement and anticipation are running high for Debbie Does Dallas Again, which is the biggest production mounted to date by Vivid Entertainment. The film is featured in a popular “making-of” weekly series on Showtime Network. The much-talked-about series follows the entire production, from casting calls to shooting and behind-the-scenes drama—with scores of beautiful women, pom-poms, and stiletto-heeled cowboy boots. The reality TV crew extensively documented the off-camera lives of Vivid girls Stefani Morgan, Monique Alexander, Cassidey, Savanna Samson, and Sunny Leone.

Director of Debbie Does Dallas Again Paul Thomas is quick to distance his Debbie from the 1978 original. “My movie is not a remake; this is a completely different story,” Thomas said. “I spun the story closest to Heaven Can Wait, where Debbie dies and is reincarnated in the body of another cheerleader. If there’s a greater theme to the film besides beautiful cheerleaders and hot anal sex, it’s that Debbie—the most beautiful cheerleader of all—has to come back in the body of a girl who couldn’t even make the squad before. So, Debbie has to look through a different set of eyes.”

Thomas cast Hillary Scott as the geeky cheerleader whose body becomes the vessel for Debbie’s vengeful spirit. According to Scott, the director asked her to audition for the role after viewing a tape of her reading for Eli Cross’ Corruption.

GameLink is thrilled to be offering the sequel on its website, said Vivid’s David Peskin. “GameLink has been a great customer of Vivid for many years. We look forward to working with them to help build these advanced DVD formats,” he added.

Jeff Dillon, business development manager at GameLink, said, “GameLink has always led the way with respect to technology, so being part of the Vivid release of Debbie Does Dallas Again on all three DVD formats is just natural for us.”

Pre-release orders of Debbie Does Dallas Again can be placed now for all three formats here.