GameLink Offers $1 Million for Sex Tape

SAN FRANCISCO - GameLink is prepared to offer Britney Spears and her "close friend" Sam Lufti $1 million for the master copy of a tape said to show hotel heiress Paris Hilton locking lips and romping with another woman.


Kevin Blatt, public-relations specialist for GameLink, announced the offer Friday. Blatt promoted and marketed the "1 Night in Paris" sex tape, which features Hilton and then-beau Rick Saloman.


The latest tape, which Spears has threatened to leak online if Hilton doesn't stop "bring rude" to her, reportedly features an encounter between Hilton and a mutual friend of the famous women.


"Paris' sex tape with ex-beau Rick Saloman is the best-selling sex tape of all time," Blatt said, "and the public has such a fascination with her that I can only imagine her being with another woman doing the twice the amount of sales!"


Blatt said GameLink is the perfect outlet for the rumored tape because the company could make it available quickly.


"Unlike adult studios that have to wait to replicate thousands of discs, can have the tape streamed and available for immediate download within seconds," he said. "We are the future of content delivery on the Web. I know Britney is looking for a new party house in the [Los Angeles] area, and we here at would like to help her with the down payment."