GameLink: ‘Girls Lie’ Selling Big in Two Formats

SAN FRANCISCO - Eon McKai's "Girls Lie" reportedly has found success in GameLink's Simultaneous Release program, which promotes movies at full price in both DVD and video-on-demand (VOD) formats.


GameLink has reported a significant leap in unit sales, revenue and customer satisfaction as a result of the dual-format release of the Vivid-Alt film, which includes a bonus scene featuring porn star Dana DeArmond.


"GameLink has done a tremendous job aggressively promoting and selling the VOD titles we have given to them as exclusives," said Dave Peskin of Vivid Entertainment. "We have even seen an increase in the DVD sales on those titles, as well. We are very excited."


"I appreciate the opportunity to offer ‘Girls Lie' to our vast Vivid-Alt customer base that can't get enough of Eon McKai's movies," said Jeff Dillon, GameLink's business-development manager.