FyreTV Sets AEE Ablaze With Wireless IPTV Set-Top Box

LAS VEGAS — Would you like some big-titted blondes doing anal? Or would you prefer to order up Belladonna in some saucy lesbian action? Whatever your desire, FyreTV will deliver it directly to your television screen with the touch of a button, right now.

Exhibiting at the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo with a massive, 50 x 50 booth in the very center of the main exhibitor's floor, FyreTV has introduced a new, wireless IPTV set-top box for adult content. 

FyreTV has branded the wireless device as "The BoXXX". Smaller than the previous model introduced last year, the BoXXX is capable of streaming hi-def video, though the service itself does not yet offer movies in HD. The company has also completely redesigned its remote control units to make the end user's experience more efficient and intuitive.

How does FyreTV differ from other VoD services? Aside from streaming the content straight to a standard television set with zero download time, storage media or hindrances of any other sort, it allows an impressive level of specificity for the viewer in selecting the content.

"You can search by star, by series, by studio, by title, and then you can narrow it down — you can give it, only show me anal scenes of Wicked with blondes in it; you can do a star search and then keep filtering," explained FyreTV director Rodrigo Franco. "You can watch what you really want to watch, how you want to watch it, and there is every type of content from features, wall to wall, animation, softcore. There's everything for everybody."

Dozens of the top adult studios have partnered with FyreTV to make their titles available through the service, including Wicked Pictures, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Red Light District, Adam & Eve Pictures, New Sensations, JM Productions, Teravision, Kick Ass Pictures and many, many more.

The FyreTV set-top box comes free with a subscription, and the company offers an array of packages. Basic membership costs $9.95 per month for 100 "Fyre credits" - about one minute per credit, depending on the title. The service also offers Pay-Per-Credit, Unlimited Studio and Unlimited Rental options.

Individual titles can be purchased for unlimited viewing. The Fyre credits are deducted from the user's account in real time; fast-forwarding and rewinding don't count.

"Obviously, always technology plays a vital role in the economy of entertainment, and we're really proud, we're really happy with the product," Franco said. "We feel that even when going through times without, the porn industry is the oldest bull market in the world. There are certain things that people are always going to do."

For more information on FyreTV, visit www.fyretv.com.