Fusion TV Goes Behind The Scenes On VR Bangers Shoot

LAS VEGAS, NV—Virtual reality technology is still a novelty in the adult market, and few fans have managed to like it and start using it in their everyday lives. But technological progress in just about every industry has historically been slow to catch on, but sooner or later, people adapt to it—so it should be no surprise that VR is "suffering" the same slow acceptance. But as more and more VR is being made, the medium keeps gaining more and more popularity with every passing day.

VR technology has been progressively entering new areas of the Internet, slowly but surely gaining more and more popularity in the form of VR games, VR movies... and of course VR porn videos. Adult VR content has caused some considerable shock to the overall porn market, but those who have accepted and adapted to it are experiencing a whole range of completely new sensations and experiences.

But despite its growing presence in the adult marketplace, it is not surprising that so few studios have yet decided to produce VR content. The entrepreneurs who decided to take this bold and innovative step forward spent a long time getting up to speed on the tech, but some of them have done it very well and now can boast of some great successes in the field—as was the case with VR Bangers, the main focus of the Fusion TV article.

Recording VR content is complicated, but with little difficulty, even such an advanced process can be presented in a simple and accessible way. Fusion TV, a television cable and satellite news multi-platform media company, has taken on this task, looking behind the scenes of VR Bangers in its most recent reportage. In new coverage filmed in Las Vegas, the organization gives viewers a taste of what it looks like to produce VR porn videos from the inside, and unveils some of the secrets of these premium producers, showing their creation process, in which they manage to achieve high levels of immersion.

Since VR Bangers was chosen Most Innovative Company of the Year at the most recent Cybersocket Awards, its methods may prove to be unconventional—all the more reason to pay attention to the interesting and thought-provoking production of the aforementioned material. VR Bangers were among the first in the world to start recording their VR porn contents in 4K ultra-high definition, and were the pioneers of recording such movies using 360° cameras, so pretty much everyone will be curious what new surprises they will be able to deliver.

Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers company, answers some frequently asked questions within Fusion TV's 13-minute report, explaining his production process and the difficulties his company had to go through to arrive at its successes. According to him, “everything is possible within the virtual reality,” which is a solid point of reference for his upcoming moves and decisions—thereby giving the public great hopes when it comes to new and innovative VR porn movies.

Reportage about the work of VR Bangers, along with some other materials from these creators, can be viewed on the VR Bangers’ YouTube channel here, and more about the company can be read on their official website here.