FSC, HotMovies.com Prepare for FreedomStreams

CANOGA PARK, Calif. - Freedom Streams '07, the second annual fundraiser for the Free Speech Coalition scheduled for this Sunday, has announced the participation of over 300 movie studios. In addition to returning contributors such as Caballero, Elegant Angel, Gourmet Video and Pleasure Licensing, FSC's partner in the venture, HotMovies.com, has welcomed a healthy batch of newcomers to the event including Anabolic, Combat Zone, Evasive Angles and Vivid Entertainment Group.

"The outpouring of support has been tremendous," said Scott Lowther, director of membership development and services for the FSC. "The word is that many new studios have decided to contribute this year. We expect to raise substantially more money then we did last year to continue our important fight, which really is so vital to us all."

Staff from FSC and HotMovies, the heavyweight pay-per-minute, video-on-demand site, worked together last year to develop and implement FreedomStreams '06. Participating studios donated one day's HotMovies earnings to the FSC and HotMovies.com matched all contributions, dollar for dollar. This year they will do the same this Sunday.

The HotMovies marketing team advertises FreedomStreams across their site network and encourages customers to get their rocks off in the name of personal freedom by watching movies created by the participating studios. To ensure that minutes are being used to support the FSC, customers are routed to a special VOD website, FSCvod.com. All participating studios can be found on this website.

According to HotMovies, FreedomStreams '06 garnered the participation of over 230 HotMovies.com studios and raised nearly $10,000 for FSC's ongoing fight against attempts to cripple the adult industry.

Following the new court rulings of a week ago, Lowther pointed out that it is as crucial as ever to come together as an adult community. "Our outstanding legal team would not be able to do what it is doing without the support of HotMovies.com and all the producers who contribute through events like this one and their memberships with the FSC," he said.

Producers who have not yet contacted HotMovies.com to sign up still have time to participate. Call or e-mail Jesse at (800) 611-MOVIE or [email protected] If you are not yet a FSC member, contact Lowther at 866-FSC-9373 to sign up.