FSC, HotMovies Announce Freedom Streams ’07

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – The Free Speech Coalition has teamed up with HotMovies in order put out a call to all adult studios, asking for participation in Freedom Streams ’07, which is described as being “one of the most important adult-oriented events of 2007.”

After last year’s enormously successful inaugural fund-raiser, the FSC and HotMovies again wish to raise money for the FSC’s fight against unfair governmental restrictions and prosecutions that rely on 18 USC 2257, and increasingly stringent litigation and legislation.

Last year, more than 80 providers of HotMovies’ content participated and raised thousands of dollars for the FSC’s ongoing battle to curb attempts to cripple the adult industry. “This time we will do even better,” said Scott Lowther, FSC’s director of membership development and services.

The Freedom Streams concept is simple: HotMovies designates one day—this year it’s Sunday, April 15—during which participating studios donate their HotMovies earnings to the FSC. To encourage additional participation, HotMovies generously matches the funds raised, dollar for dollar.

Many studios, including Sunshyne Video, ErosArts, Slippery Cat, Dave Cummings, and LRI have already said they will participate this year. HotMovies and FSC now are asking all HotMovies content providers to make the same commitment.

“Every dollar matters,” said Lowther. “We appreciate all the support for our outstanding legal team. We’re all in this together. This fight to protect our industry affects everyone and their business. We sincerely hope you accept this invitation to join us raising more money to preserve our freedoms of speech and expression.”

The Free Speech Coalition is the trade organization dedicated to the preservation of the adult entertainment industry.