French Satellite Will Deliver Broadband All Over Europe

PARIS – French telecom-tech firm Eutelsat will launch a new satellite in 2010 that will bring broadband to all of Britain and also service the European continent.
According to The Register the new orbiter will offer the entire UK up to 10Mbits in broadband, including rural areas currently with even little ADSL and cable service. The launch is planned for the third quarter of 2010 and will deliver high speeds matching or surpassing current ADSL output on land from companies such as BT.  Coverage will also include all of Europe, from Ireland west of the UK to Turkey in the east.
Meanwhile, Eutelsat launched "Tooway" broadband this week in the UK at a rate of up to 2Mbits, employing an existing satellite in orbit. SatelliteToday reports the service will be available froma starting rate of 29.99 British pounds ($44.14) per month, delivered via a network of local distributors throughout England, Wales and Scotland. 

For the adult industry, the wider coverage and faster download rates for users could mean more potentional online customers in Britain and Europe.