Free Speech Coalition Partners with Traffic Dude for Advertising Sales

PUEBLO, Colo. - Traffic Dude has partnered with the Free Speech Coalition in order to offer valuable ad space to the organization's members and other business-to-business companies within the industry.


The partnership allows the Free Speech Coalition to monetize its site as part of its ongoing effort to diversify revenue, as well as promote Traffic Dude to the Free Speech Coalition members and users. 


Traffic Dude has agreed to provide its experience with selling and managing ad space at a substantially reduced rate to further aid the Free Speech Coalition in its goal to protect the adult industry.


"The Free Speech Coalition is on the front lines of legal issues impacting the adult entertainment industry," Scott Rabinowitz, Traffic Dude co-founder said. "As a member company, we sought to find more strategic means to support the organization financially. We are extremely honored to provide our core advertising management service on behalf of the Free Speech Coalition."


For more information and to inquire about advertising, visit the Traffic Dude and Free Speech Coalition websites.