Rob Black Offers Exclusive Footage Only on

PHILADELPHIA—Rob Black is back. After serving 10 months of a year and a day obscenity sentence at a Texas federal prison, the man behind Extreme Associates says he has learned his lesson…but that won’t stop him from making movies, solely for distribution through While other VOD companies suffer a “black out,” new Extreme 2.0 titles will appear on HotMovies monthly.

“You find out who your friends are fast when you get sent away,” said Black. “A lot of fuckers are all talk. I could not be more appreciative of the guys at HotMovies, who had my back during the trial and my incarceration, and were the first to ask me for new product when they let me out of that place.”

Sweet Cherries will be the first Extreme 2.0 title to hit the virtual shelf at HotMovies. A not so innocent look at the anal, vaginal and oral reaming of 30-year old would-be coeds, it follows Extreme’s familiar pattern of stuffing as much perverse sex and play filth–and as little narrative as possible–into seven vignettes spread out over 140 minutes. Some might call it "Blacksploitation."

But director of business development James Cybert said he isn’t shying away from any controversy that could follow Black and wife Lizzy Borden as they resume their practice of pretending to initiate young holes through a haze of fluids and running eye makeup.

“We are very proud to work with Rob and Lizzy,” said Cybert. “They are innovators. As more and more cookie cutter companies with no vision fall by the wayside, we will enjoy helping to bring back some of the best, and in some cases most bizarre, product around. We know Rob is always going to make a sexy product and we know our customers have a deep appreciation for that.”

Upon his return from La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution, Black said he’s done with DVDs.

“HotMovies will remain the only place to see my new product for the foreseeable future,” said Black. “I’m starting it off with a bang on Sweet Cherries, and I’ve got some other really sick things in the works. Perverts be warned: You won’t be able to look away when I fuck you up with some truth on”

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