Free-Link Site Focuses on Full-Service Content

TOLUCA LAKE, Calif. - For porn connoisseurs who are tired of paying to join drab and boring link-list sites that offer no real previews or content to whet their appetites, has launched to answer the call with resonance, according to its owner and operator, Rebecca "Becky" Renae. The classy, cutting-edge concept and uniquely designed theme launched Monday. When the doors to this fashionable resort swung open, surfers were greeted at the door with content that promises to retain, Renae asserted.

"I wanted to create something different; something never before seen," Renae told AVN Online. "I looked at what was out there and felt like the free link sites were good as far as links were concerned, but [they] didn't show any real content or concept. Furthermore, I wanted people to find exactly what they were looking for without having to sort through endless substance to find it."

HardcoreHotel, a member of the Free Speech Coalition and the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection, is designed to be a virtual resort, Renae said. Each room discretely contains something sensual for everyone, women and men. Every niche is present in the elegantly rendered setting, including VIP suites, straight, lesbian, gay, slightly kinky, and BDSM, she added, saying all of the "rooms" provide sexy images or movie tidbits to tease surfers:

For video-on-demand, follow the bellhop to the east wing and check out previews that direct surfers via links to their ultimate fantasy destination. The adult toy store contains numerous co-branded products sure to spice up a surfer's love life. VIP passes just require clicking on the west wing.

What's more, Renae continued, help is just a click away from the concierge desk, and the intra-site search engine has been designed specifically to help surfers find whatever it is they are seeking. Content is exclusive and updated daily. A webmaster's office is available for help, as well. Acknowledgement instantly will be provided via auto responder, and personal responses are guaranteed within 24 hours.

"The site, as well as the content, will be updated daily using the Carma content software from Too Much Media, which makes it extremely easy to keep content fresh," Renae said. "Whether its blowjobs, masturbation, lesbians, gay - you name it, will help you find it."

Unlike some other link sites, HardcoreHotel has a hospitable forum feature where surfers and webmasters alike can participate by writing their own personal sensual stories and can come together and pick each other's brains about any conceivable subject, Renae explained. The virtual hotel has endless expansion possibilities and boasts plans to open a dating section soon.

"We have a forum chat board that's broken down into different areas, genres, and niches, with RSS feeds," Renae said. "In addition to the dating section, we hope to add many more wings to our hotel in the future with many more possibilities."

Renae was the innovator behind HardcoreHotel and carved out a niche for herself with a focus on elegance. Her father, a former casino owner, got the ball rolling back in 1999 with the purchase of a collection of domain names, she said. Recently, Renae took advantage of current technologies to turn the domains into what she calls one of the most innovative free link-list sites on the Web.

"The technology was not where it needed to be back in 1999 in order to make the concept successful," she said. "My father brought the project to me a while ago and asked if I was interested in pursuing it. Of course, I was eager to get started and develop the concept into what it has become today."

HardcoreHotel plans to make its money from selling ad space and working with affiliate programs.

"I see no difference between the pay sites and our free site, and people need to see that," Renae said. "Where the income comes from is the only difference between the two."

The HardcoreHotel site relied largely on an intensive design and marketing model. Renae worked alongside Lindsay Michael, owner of Pointer Advertising LLC, in order to bring the conceptions to life and utilize clever marketing tactics.

"Becky made sure everything was just right," Michael said. "I would come to her with something and she would offer her input, and the end product was always better. I have never seen anyone put so much effort, class, and sophistication into something in my life. The brand itself is far above the bar of any other free sites out there today."

Vittoria of Midnight Carnival handled the programming and worked with Renae on all concepts and outlays. Renae's father also has been involved in the project, offering his business and brick-and-mortar knowledge.

"As part of the research, my father and I went to Phoenix Forum," Renae said. "He gave me a great deal of support and valuable input, but has allowed this to remain my project. He will offer his critiques but has always left it up to me."

HardcoreHotel hopes to have more than 5,000 links and intends to keep thinking outside the box, Renae said. With hard work, Renae said she is "certain this will be a successful and satisfying project that will continue to expand."