Foxy Jacky Slides into Heat Over Playground Shoot

MEMPHIS, TN - Solo-girl Foxy Jacky recently launched her own site under the Melissa Money affiliate program and has since filled her Internet portal with salacious and revealing content.

Following in the controversial, exhibitionistic footsteps of her fellow solo-girl and Melissa Money creator, Melissa Midwest, Jacky's shoot in a local Memphis playground last week drew some heat from locals and police.  

"She's definitely a tramp -- just nasty," parent Barbara Taylor told Action News 5 in reaction to the video, adding that she won't be letting her kids go down the slide any time soon.

According to Jacky, this was the first time she tried to take pictures in a park.

"I was kind of nervous that someone was going to look out their window and see me," Jacky wrote on her website. "I would not have cared if they did (it would have made it more fun to catch them watching)."

Danny Berryhill, a Baptist minister who lives directly across the street said he didn't have the words.

"I'm a Baptist minister, and I have no words," he reiterated.

Bartlett Police Capt. Tina Schaber pointed out that the "girl" in the video is clearly breaking a law.

"Public indecency right off the bat," she said. "I don't think this would be appropriate for an adult to see in a park -- much less a child."

Jacky went on to say she was nervous because of all the problems Melissa Midwest has had with the police.

"I don't think the police would worry about a girl getting naked here, since they actually have real crimes to worry about, but you never know," she said.

The model and those participating in the taping could face charges on a number of crimes, according to Schaber.

Police caught wind of the case after Action News 5 in Bartlett, Tennessee pointed them in the right direction.

"These days, who knows?" Schaber eluded.  "She could be over 18 -- she could be under 18."

According to a disclaimer on the website, Jacky and all models are 18 and over.