Former Federal Prosecutor Wants Apple To Keep iTunes 'Clean'

SAN FRANCISCO - A former prosecutor with the Department of Justice is asking citizens to contact Apple and ask the company to keep its iTunes program free of smut.

Pat Trueman, a former obscenity prosecutor, said he fears that with the ease youngsters can dowload their favorite songs, shows and podcastsfrom iTunes, the ability to find porn isn't that far off.

"What you're finding now is a couple of podcasts that are almost entirely sexually explicit withApple saying that these are OK for now," he said.

Hardcore sex movies and podcasts are not allowed on iTunes, and Steve Jobs, chief executive for Apple, told ABC news in June that will not change.

However, Trueman is calling on parents to contact Apple and voicetheir opinions to prevent Jobs from thinking porn on iTunes could be profitable.

"Go to customer service and suggest to them that they should keep iTunes clean," he said. "iTunes is where many children get their music, get their movies, etc. So it's entirely open to children - and Apple is mindful of that. We've to get Apple convinced that it should monitor it very closely."