Featured in 'Sexier Sex' Book

CALABASAS, Calif. - Sex-tech columnist and adult webcam girl Regina Lynn explains in her book Sexier Sex that Video Secrets is the state-of-the-art adult online video-chat company to work for. 

"It is gratifying that Regina Lynn, noted author and sex-tech expert recognizes our company's contributions in her new book Sexier Sex," Video Secrets co-owner and President Gregory Clayman said.

Lynn announced her findings in the "How to Be a Webcam Girl" chapter of Sexier Sex. The book explores women's use of new communication technologies to take the lead in redefining sex, relationships and love in the information age. 

Simone also details how she "enjoys her work immensely" as a webcam girl and that it benefits her financially and emotionally. 

"At Video Secrets, we give our performers 110 percent with an incredible support staff and the latest in live-chat technology," Clayman said. "Our webcam performers make incredible money while having fun."

For the chapter on webcam performers, Lynn interviewed Alyssah Simone, a popular model who works for the Video Secrets website Flirt 4 Free

Lynn provides big accolades for Flirt4Free, explaining that Video Secrets is one of the biggest cam sites. 

"These folks do a great job of marketing and branding the site and even have a TV commercial," she wrote.