FLASHCA$H Operations Moved to Toronto

TORONTO - Dark Matter Development announced Wednesday that it has moved the operations of its FLASHCA$H niche-site network from Barcelona, Spain, to the historic warehouse district of Toronto.


"Moving to Toronto is a choice that we made as a conscious investment in the future of DMD," co-owner Buddy Love said. "We have big plans for the rebranding and growth of FLASHCA$H over the coming year, and to achieve these plans, we needed to bring our operations under one roof."


One of the first moves Dark Matter Development made upon opening its doors in Toronto was hiring Mary Gillis, formerly of Maleflixxx, to manage FLASHCA$H's marketing strategies.


"I was ready for a new challenge and a new opportunity, so when FLASHCA$H approached me and told me their plans, I was thrilled to join the team," Gillis said. "This is already an amazing company with an excellent brand and an excellent reputation, so I feel like I'm walking into a situation that is any marketer's dream."


Dark Matter Development will hold a housewarming in its new offices and has invited local members of the adult industry to a Halloween zombie-movie extravaganza.