FlashCa$h Inks Exclusive Deal with Tramp Stamp Studios

TORONTO - Affiliate program FlashCa$h and reality-porn producer Tramp Stamp Studios announced Tuesday that they had entered an exclusive partnership for content and reseller management.


"FlashCa$h is a membership-website program and, like many other programs, our biggest challenge has always been finding and filming exclusive, high-quality content to add to the site," said Mary Gillis, head of marketing at FlashCa$h. "The agreement with Tramp Stamp Studios means that we will now have a partner dedicated to the creation of that content."


Gillis said the deal also will bring a full affiliate program to Tramp Stamp Studios, which previously only licensed its content to third parties.


"FlashCa$h will build and manage a full-service affiliate program for Tramp Stamp, which is an excellent arrangement that fulfills the requirements for growth at both organizations," she said.


Desperate Popstars, the first site included in the agreement, already has gone live and is said to represent the type of content to be expected from Tramp Stamp Studios.