Firefox Beats IE6, Closing in on IE7

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. -- Mozilla's Firefox 3 browser has surpassed Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 in market share and is closing in on IE7, marking the first time that a non-Microsoft browser has ranked ahead of IE6.

A report issued by Net Applications said Firefox 3's market share for February was 24 percent, while IE6 came in at 22.6 percent. IE7 leads with 40.8 percent market share.

Meanwhile, Apple's Safari browser took a drop to around 8 percent, Google's Chrome was at just over 1 percent and Opera was under 1 percent.

Five years ago, Internet Explorer enjoyed 95 percent market share. Despite still being pre-loaded on every Windows-based computer, it accounted for about 67 percent of the overall market share with both browser versions, last month.

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