Filth Freaks Now Deliver Mobile Content

LOS ANGELES - Filth Freaks, the flagship site of OC Cash, has launched mobile content for iPhones and other devices.

FilthFreaks Mobile offers all Filth Freaks content priced at $8.99 per month.

"Right now, it's kind of targeted towards the iPhone," OC Cash Owner/director of marketing Jay Quinlan told AVN Online. "However, there are so many different platforms and this is such as new market, we're trying to make it as compatible with everything as possible."

Quinlan said Filth Freaks Mobile performed very well in beta and is already taking off.

"For the low volume of traffic, it converts really well," he said. "When people get on it, they stay on it. Now that times are a little tighter, people don't mind nine bucks on their cell phones as opposed to $25-30 on a re-bill from a site.

Quinlan also expects updates and revisions to the site and delivery of content to a wide variety of phone devices in various platforms.

"I kind of look at it as phase one right now," he said. "It's such a new market, nobody really knows where's headed. There are still plenty of ideas to try and see which ones stick. It's still anybody's guess."