FeedMorphers.com Introduces XML Morphing Services

Affiliate marketing company Feed Morphers is endeavoring to keep adult affiliate programs on the cutting-edge of marketing technology with its unique new media "morphing" services.

Feed Morphers takes existing FHGs or MHGs and improves their volume and quality of traffic by composing carefully planned texts and exporting them to morphing RSS feeds for blogging affiliates, or more recently, a morphed XML (extensible markup language) feed for tubing affiliates.

"Tube sites are hot right now," Feed Morphers Director, Keith Glazer, told AVN Online. "Converting media to Flash video formats and getting unique textual content and preview images out to the tube sites will help affiliates maximize their earnings."

With the addition of Feed Morphers new "turnkey" XML morphing services, affiliate programs can now cater to tube affiliates more efficiently. By utilizing existing movie galleries, Feed Morphers converts and bundles clips in Flash video formats on-the-fly; creates morphing titles, descriptions, tags and preview images; then posts them to an XML feed. Affiliates may also provide URLs to hosted Flash videos.

"There's a ton of companies out there offering media conversion," Glazer explained. "We're offering affiliate programs a simple and effective way to get their media morphed and out to tube affiliates. Morphing content makes it more unique for each affiliate and our XML conforms to the STXT format for tube script importation, the unofficial industry standard. We can customize output per the client's needs as well. Nobody, to our knowledge, is offering morphed XML feeds to their tubers and we feel this is the next natural step for programs willing to go the extra mile for their affiliates."

At this time Feed Morphers is offered as an all-inclusive, flexible service. Clients wishing for media conversions specifically or any other customization can speak with a representative for a solution that meets their RSS, XML, content creation or morphing needs.

The essence of FeedMorphers is in providing turnkey, packaged services that give affiliate programs and their affiliates an edge.

For more information, visit Feed Morphers.