Farrah Abraham Strikes Again ... on CamSoda

THE DARK WEB—The reality star who refuses to go away has reared her head once again in the porn sphere, this time to take a stab at webcamming.

We speak, naturally, of Farrah Abraham, whose name became known to the world thanks to MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom and who notoriously went on to appear in two Vivid Entertainment sex tapes with James Deen—which she has steadfastly maintained she made privately for her own use, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, and which she's since said she deeply regrets making and even went as far as to feed the Daily Mail a headspinning tale in 2015 manufactured out of whole cloth about Deen having drugged and raped her during the months leading up to the making of the sex tapes. 

Yeah, that Farrah Abraham. The same Farrah Abraham who got loudly booed when she took the stage as a presenter at the 2015 AVN Awards. (So weird that she would agree to do that when her heart was so filled with regret over having done porn, right? Oh, wait, but her second Vivid movie was nominated that year.) 

Well, apparently she's rectified herself with all that. Because, as TMZ reports, she has signed a deal with CamSoda to bare her goods once more live on its site. It's unclear whether this is a one-off or she'll be doing regular shows on the increasingly popular cam site, but she is definitely slated to appear Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET. And with a newly rejuvenated vagina! 

That's right, just last month Abraham very publicly underwent vaginal rejuvenation surgery—almost certainly in preparation for this triumphant (?) return to XXX-dom, if we know Farrah.

Stake your place in Farrah Abraham's cam room and await her going live tomorrow night here.