Facebook Deals With Outage

LOS ANGELES—Facebook is down! If you logged in today and found that you were having issues with the newsfeed, trouble logging in, or a complete blackout, you are not alone. Facebook started having issues yesterday, Sunday, along with Instagram. Instagram was fixed within a few hours but Facebook seems to continue to be problematic for people.

You don’t need to worry about the outage you just need to wait it out. Ultimately, what this means is that fewer people are going to see your posts, because the newsfeed is having issues. I know it is hard to imagine fewer people seeing your posts since Facebook already throttles page posts, but it is true. You will also likely have fewer engagements around your most recent posts.

Suggestions for the Facebook Outage

•Check your scheduled posts to make sure they have gone out.

•Consider rescheduling or reposting once the outage is over.

•Jump onto another social media network! Go check out Reddit or hop on Twitter and talk about Facebook being down. There are lots of people complaining about it.

•Do Laundry

•Call you mom

•Paint your toes

•Go on a bike ride

With Facebook being down it is a good reminder to hop off your digital life and go do something in RL. It is also a good reminder to make sure your social media is diversified. Never put all your social media eggs in one basket, because you don’t own your profile. We are all dependent on the whim of outages and terms of services. The most recent Instagram censorship should be a good reminder about why it is important to make sure you are sharing your content on multiple platforms.

We do not know when Facebook will be back up and running, and no, it is not down for everyone. So if your Facebook is operating fine, then you are one of the lucky ones. Ok…go catch us on Twitter if you want to talk about the outage.

Lauren MacEwen is the CEO and chief strategist of 7 Veils Media, a social media solutions provider. If you have questions about the outage or would like to discuss diversifying your social media, or just getting some help with it, please email [email protected]