Facebook and Instagram Deal With Global Outage

LOS ANGELES—Facebook and Instagram are currently having a global outage. Users started noticing issues with posting, search, and updating their feeds earlier this morning. Facebook is aware of this issue and are working on it. They have not said what has caused the outage or how long it will take for them to fix it.

The outage appears to be affecting most users but not all. For some people it is affecting them in parts but not completely, meaning parts of Facebook are still working for them and other parts are not. The same applies to Instagram.  The outage seems to have started around 8 am pacific time.

The most reported problems are:


*Newsfeed refresh

*Total Black out

Other problems include:

*Notifications not refreshing

*Search not working

*Website not loading

*Status updates/posting not working

Hopefully, this problem will be resolved shortly.

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