Exxxcel's Snijders, Jett Angel Branch Out to Save Others Time, Money

LOS ANGELES -  Former HGTV "Design on a Dime" host Lee Snijders and photographer Jett Angel are excited to announce that they are making their production services available to other production companies looking to cut costs on there own content production. The couple recently launched their adult production company Exxxcel and their own site GothRockGirls.com

"I knew entering into the adult industry as a director wasn't going to be easy and that the competition is all over the Internet," Snijders said. "There's nothing I can do about the competition, but I can alter the way content is produced and save production companies money. Mainstream cable television has its own competition issues just like the adult industry. What makes cable shows so profitable is how the producers streamline pre-production and the directors handle their shoots."

Snijders developed a production shoot schedule called ABC that they utilized when shooting scenes for their own site GothRockGirls.com. On a tight budget and short time frame they were able to produce 45 scenes in just 15 days that resulted in a fraction of the cost and time that it would take a traditional adult production company to produce content.

"The cost of producing quality adult content is expensive," Snijders said. "The demand and competition with free tube sites and amateur couples shooting their own content for share sites decreases the demand but not our cost to produce it. We figured out a way to increase our profit margin by cutting production costs and produce multiple scenes while maximizing the talent's time and minimizing fees using ABC."

From "Design on a Dime" to porn on a dime, Lee directs, produces and is the first shooter while Jett is the second shooter and handles photography, makeup and wardrobe.  Snijders uses his past experience as an HGTV designer to optimize the sets and lighting for top-notch quality production. 

Snijders has more than six years and 200 mainstream cable television episodes under his belt and just celebrated directing and producing his 100th adult scene. His directing and shooting style has a mainstream feel with fluid motion, Dutch angles and forced perspective camera angles that can be adaptive and cut down on editing time.

Exxxcel is excited about the opportunity to direct and produce high quality content for adult production companies. Go to Exxxcel.com for more information.