eXtreme Restraints Whips the Rest

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - Due to high demand in retail operations, eXtreme Restraints now is offering three different stock settings for its products to eliminate the burden on their customers to find out about new product. If new stock is en-route and soon to be available, eXtreme will notify customers when it's coming.

If products will be unavailable or will take time in arriving, it will be indicated with an "Out of Stock" label; if the product is readily on hand, there will be an "In Stock" label.

These options are expected to give the customer greater peace of mind, said eXtreme Restraints President Ari Suss, who told AVNOnline.com, "We have been online since 2000, and very few companies actually let customers know whether a product is in or out of stock. Items we don't know, we make it 'out of stock,' so we don't rack up backorders. However, if it's going to be a few weeks, we want the customer to know. If it's in there and we carry it, it says 'in stock.'"

Another great feature that eXtremeRestraints.com has added to give customers more product information is the "eXtreme close-up." By using "click to enlarge," customers can get a good look at what they're buying.

"Very few companies offer the extreme close-up option, and it's a big competitive advantage," Suss continued. "It allows customers to see the stitching and leatherwork, which is very important to them, and shows customers that we have their interests in mind."

Furthermore, customers who choose to order over the phone after regular business hours still can place their orders with the after-hours service team, Suss said.

"We are a 24/7 operation for phone and Web orders," he explained. "You can track all the orders or obtain any information you might need at any time."

eXtreme Restraints operates the affiliate program NicheShops.