Ex-EroticReview Owner Arrested at Mexico-U.S. Border

PHOENIX – Former EroticReview.com owner and founder David Elms was arrested Thursday at the Mexico/U.S. border south of San Diego.

Elms was charged in February on suspicion of a murder conspiracy as well as running the multi-city escort review site, with which he parted ways in March.

A source with the border patrol confirmed it stopped Elms while attempting travel from Mexico back into the U.S. after a passport check led to his being detained.

According to The Arizona Republic, a police press release stated Elms was in custody and being taken to Torrance, Calif.

Sergeant Andy Hill of the Phoenix police told media that according to border patrol agents, Elms had traveled to Toronto, then Dubai, Armenia, Iran and Mexico, then attempted to re-enter the U.S.

The Phoenix police department had arrested Elms earlier this year in the Phoenix area after he allegedly contracted an undercover officer as a hit-man to murder a woman in California. After he posted a $150,000 bond, he fled and a warrant was then issued for his arrest, according to the police.

Elms is also suspected of conspiracies to commit aggravated assault, possessing narcotics for sale and committing misconduct involving weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia. At the time of his arrest, officers also confiscated his Rolex watch and a flash drive. In addition to the impending murder conspiracy charge, he faces probation violations.

Elms is accused of seeking the death of as online adult model and her webmaster.

The Long Beach, Calif. woman had sued Elms as "Jane Doe," claiming he made threats against her and published her home address on TER. The case was delayed in court when Elms lost his attorney.

For more details on Elms and his history of brushes with the law, please view this previous AVN.com report.