Evotum Brings New Streaming Video Technology to Adult

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Adult studios from Wicked Pictures to VCX, Dane Productions, Kick Ass Pictures, K-Beech, X-Play and SexZ Pictures have signed deals with Evotum, a New York-based company that offers a new solution for broadcast-quality streaming video.

"Evotum's technology is going to elevate the Wicked brand in new media," said Wicked Pictures CTO Avi Button. "We can now provide a reliable and cross-platform, on-demand, HD viewing experience to our audience. The ease of use is remarkable and the quality is what Wicked fans expect. We're excited to work with Evotum to offer this to our consumers."

Through Evotum, consumers can purchase films online that are compatible for any PC and Mac with no downloads or installations. Evotum's solution delivers the video straight to the home viewer with no waiting or buffering. When the video is over, the session disappears from the user's computer, leaving no incriminating evidence and thwarting potential piracy.

Once movies are acquired, the content is streamed using Evotum technology. Movies can then be streamed to the computer, and viewed on their television. The video will conform to any sized television and not appear “stretched.”

Studios and content providers have full control over their video encoding, and Evotum offers digital rights management for production companies by providing producers with control and protection over their content.

"There is such a remarkable increase in the video quality of the Evotum experience," said VCX head David Sutton. "I know this is going to be a home run! Being the first XXX feature film company on the planet, we're very proud to also be the first adult company to offer our great classic titles in the Evotum format at www.vcxlive.com."

Evotum is hoping that their services are beneficial for both consumers and companies. Consumers get a fast, convenient, and high quality way to receive films, and companies can sell their content directly off of banner ads and other placement on adult portals.

Evotum comes ready for broadband to television streaming. Content can be viewed multiple times in a 24 hour period, and the technology works with a click of a hyperlink, so no software downloads or updates are needed.

"We're looking forward to working with Evotum as we continue our move into next generation content delivery," said SexZ Pictures owner Bo Kenney. "With the rise of SexZ Pictures following our big wins for the movie Corruption, we see a bright future in getting our ground-breaking movies into the hands of every person that wants to see what we have to offer."

For more information on Evotum, visit the official website at www.evotum.com.