Evil Motion Pictures Offers <i>Succubus</i> to jaYManCash.com Affiliates

SPRINGBORO, Ohio - Evil Motion Pictures has officially released the sale of its full-length motion picture Succubus, featuring Raven Riley and Liz Vicious, to jaYManCash affiliates.

Affiliates of jaYManCash can log into their accounts for link codes offering the sale of the independently produced, directed and distributed DVD. Affiliates will earn $20 for the sale of the standard DVD, and $40 for the sale of the special-edition DVD, which is autographed by the cast. 

"We took a few months to work the kinks out of our own distribution methods and channels, and decided that opening sales to affiliates of jaYManCash, who have been loyal and hard-working while pushing Raven and Liz in the past, deserve a chance to take it to the next level," Tom Leach, owner and president of Evil Motion Pictures said.

Riley, a popular Internet teen model, is the star of the film, and the story's heroine. "I was so excited to be a part of this movie," she said. "Everyone involved was absolutely a blast to work with, and we have developed a groundbreaking product here."

Goth hardcore model Vicious plays Lillith, a demon who is accidentally unearthed and begins a reign of terror throughout Leeston.

Directed by Jack Hemmingway of Rebel Motion Pictures, Succubus was produced over a 27-day-period in November 2006 and utilizes unique locations in southern Ohio and Indiana. The entire film was shot and mastered in high-definition and features Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

"Jack really held nothing back from making this movie," Leach said. "Sound, lighting, storyline ... he really brought it all together and amazed us all with his talent."

Succubus was written by veteran romance/erotic author Bethany Burke. The single DVD release features a behind the scenes "making of" featurette, blooper reel and pictures from the production.

Ad tools such as banners and hosted galleries will be available to jaYManCash affiliates, as well for use in promoting the sale of the DVD.