European Adult Webmasters Forum Goes Live

ATLANTA, Ga. - A new online message board community, The European Forum has gone live with a goal of becoming the gathering place for Europe's established and emerging adult webmasters and companies.

The Forum was founded by MO of TranslationsXXX, an Atlanta-based company that provides translations in more than a dozen languages for the adult industry.

"Over the past few years running TranslationsXXX, it's becoming very clear that there are no good channels of communication open between the American and European limbs of the adult industry," MO said. "American clients would come to TranslationsXXX to try to reach out to European webmasters and surfers, and the story was always the same: everyone felt pretty clueless about how to make real contact."

MO hopes the forum will become the primary channel for webmasters and industry professionals to start conversations and create new businesses, as well as providing European webmasters access to business people operating out of the States.

"European companies sometimes try the ‘American Adventure' that is the porn industry without doing their homework," MO said. "The European Forum will allow those entrepreneurs to find and share the information that they've not been able to access, as well as start conversations with other experienced industry folk and form a stronger network with their peers."

The Forum will also provide sponsor programs and other adult businesses a new international, multi-lingual audience to promote their programs and goods.

The European Forum is developing Geo-IP targeting banners, targeted banner placement in specific forum boards and a directory of businesses.

MO said the moderators will include his associates from the German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian markets.