Erotique Entertainment Signs Six Contract Girls

LOS ANGELES—Eric John's Erotique Entertainment has signed six adult stars to non-exclusive performing contracts with the company's live broadcast division, ErotiqueTV. All the performers inked to the deal will be exclusively performing live boy/girl feature shows for Erotique while free to work for any adult movie studios they so choose for non-live content.  

The non-exclusive deals went into effect this month and last for one year. 

The ErotiqueTV contracts call for each of the girls to perform in a certain number of live shows per month. The ErotiqueTV girls are Aleksa Nicole, Raven Bay, Veronica Rodriguez, Allie James, Heather Vahn and Adriana Chechik. All the models are repped by LA Direct Models. 

Erotique started broadcasting live on Labor Day 2010. The company produces 10 shows per week—one or two boy/girl shows per day for a total of 40 shows per month. As John explained, live broadcasting started off as a small division of the company but it's grown into the biggest source of revenue, with Streamate as Erotique's primary broadcasting partner.

As John explained, it was a comment by Rodriguez that got him thinking about signing girls to non-exclusive contracts. When he was preparing a press release for a live show the pair filmed, Rodriguez said something to the effect of that she wished she could only do live cams for Erotique. This got John's gears turning. 

John said he chose each of the girls because he's worked with them before, and not only was there already a level of comfort in place, but he believes they are among the top performers in the industry. 

"These are some of my favorite people that have been on the show, and it was time that we made a commitment to them and they made a commitment to us to really take this to the next level for the next year," John told AVN. "These girls that are in the industry for the right reasons—they like performing, they like sex, are smart and are in charge of their careers. These are very much the type of people my company has always supported." 

ErotiqueTV's live broadcasts are more than just a cam show, John said. "We are a studio producing a feature show with multiple cameras and good lighting with high-quality as opposed to an amateur setup," he explained. "Our show is dream girls having high-end sex in a professional production in a professional setting." 

The girls, who all except for James visited AVN to make the announcement official, expressed happiness at having a destination place for their live performances. 

"I was really excited to find out," Nicole said. "Eric is really easy to work with and we always put on good shows. I think doing a live broadcast is really important for your career and some girls don't realize that. You can really build a great fan base because it's live interaction—there's no editing—and what you see is real."

John echoed Nicole's comments, saying that the experience of live broadcasting can't be replicated, and that fans feel more connected to the performer because there's a higher level of involvement.  

For Bay, one of the newer performers in the room, she cited the enjoyment she gets from performing with John as one of the things that excite her about the contract. 

"I like having one place my fans can go to see my live performances," Bay said. "I love sex, I'm very open with my sexuality. You get a real performance from me, my orgasms from Eric are real and I think that comes through on camera."

Chechik, who is about five months into her performing career, already understands the importance of live shows. She recently appeared on her first box cover, Pretty.Dirty 6, for New Sensations.

"As one of the newer performers here who's looking to build a name, I think associating myself with this company, and with the other girls here today, is only going to be good for all of us," Chechik said. "I understand how important it is to build a connection with the fans, and I think live performances are a great way to do that."

For four-year industry veteran Vahn, the deal made sense purely from a business standpoint. She likened her fellow girls to sorority sisters that support each other in order to reach similar goals. Vahn also believes the visibility she'll have on ErotiqueTV will benefit her other projects outside of porn including the webisode series she's featured in, Malibu Clout, which begins filming this summer. 

"I'm approaching this from a business standpoint and I believe ErotiqueTV gives me a great platform to promote myself and my name. Getting in touch with my fans is really important," Vahn said. "All the other girls here are beautiful; this is a great group. We're all different but we all know each other and get along well. Eric has always been professional and I really like working with him. This is his company and this makes us like a big family." 

And as Rodriguez explained, doing a featured live show will be a huge promotional tool for her career. 

"I live in Miami, but every month when I'm in LA, I shoot for [Erotique]," Rodriguez said. "What I like about [this deal] is that I can make this a big thing for my fans because this is the only place they can see me live. They will anticipate it. Coming to AVN to announce this shows that we're all planning for this to be fun and to be big. I'm happy because now my fans know exactly where they can see me live every month."

ErotiqueTV broadcasts live programming 24/7/365. ErotiqueTV currently can only be viewed live at the scheduled broadcast times, as the sex is happening.

Morning or early afternoon “ErotiqueTV Sex Daily” broadcasts can be seen here. Late afternoon or evening “Late Night Fantasy” broadcasts can be seen here.

News about the ErotiqueTV girls' live performances will be promoted on Twitter through their personal accounts. Follow all the ErotiqueTV girls on Twitter at @AdrianaChechik, @LilVeronicaR, @HeatherVahn, @RavenBayXXX, @AleksaNicoleXXX, @AllieJamesXXX. Erotique Entertainment, along with John, can be found on Twitter at @Eric_John@ErotiqueEnt, @ErotiqueTV and @ErotiqueStudios.