EroticReview Founder Elms Gets Four Years in 2006 Case

TORRANCE, Calif. — EroticReview founder David Elms has been sentenced to four years in prison on drug and weapon charges stemming from a 2006 arrest.

According to the Phoenix New Times, officials said 38-year-old Elms may serve his time in Arizona, where he still faces contracted assault and other drug and weapon charges. Murder conspiracy charges for seeking the death of an online adult model who was suing him have reportedly been dropped.

Elms was arrested last week at the Mexico-U.S. Border trying to re-enter the country after spending time in Mexico, Dubai and other countries according to border patrol agents.

Detective Ray Egea told the Contra Costa Times Elms was arrested in the Phoenix area after police received an informant's tip and arranged an undercover meeting with him on Februar 15. Elms allegedly told the undercover officers he was seeking the injury or death of the "prostitute" suing him, depending on the outcome of that case. He also wanted to injure a man who ran a competing website. Elms asked about buying a gun and was arrested when he purchased a 1/2-ounce of crack cocaine from the undercover men, police said.

Prior to the incident this year, Elms had been arrested in a Manhattan Beach, Calif. hotel room three years ago for pulling a gun on a hooker while he was reportedly high on crack, demanding oral sex. Elms was supposed to appear in Torrance Superior Court last Friday, but missed his bus from jail in downtown Los Angeles, reported The Daily Breeze. The appearance was rescheduled for Monday, when he received his four-year sentence.

Elms founded escort and "massage girl" review site a decade ago. An article last year in the New York Times him "the most influential man in the prostitution business in America." He has frequently been accused by escorts of bullying and even blackmailing them.

The site's supposed new owners in the Netherlands claimed to have severed all ties with Elms following his Arizona arrest, as reported in March, though some have suggested it's a shell game operation and he's still involved with TER, as its users call it.