Erotic Social Networking Site Launches

Creative Filth has launched its subscription-based erotic social networking site and Web magazine for adults. 

Unlike many social networking sites, Creative Filth features unrestricted content. The site allows users to post adult content in the forms of erotic pictures, blogs and stories. 

The site also features erotic writing and photography by professionals, as well as articles, information and reviews about erotic life. 

Creative Filth said its fusion of creativity and erotica allows adults with taste and style to explore the erotic space in privacy. 

"This is the place where you can explore your sexy alter ego at your own pace, in private," a company representative said. "We believe our unique blend of erotica and creativity fills a gap on the Internet. We combine the interaction of social networking sites with the freedom of traditional pornography sites, while emphasizing creativity and quality." 

Creative Filth expects its focus on privacy to help members feel safe sharing information and contacting one another via the site's private email system. 

The company said it does not sell member lists or allow spam. Additionally, the company said, search engines do not index members' profile pages, and advertisements are screened to ensure that the companies are offering legitimate goods and services. Advertisers using pop-ups, spam and other raunchy advertising will not be accepted. 

To ensure privacy and prevent distracting advertising, Creative Filth said, the site relies on paid memberships. The site offers one-year membership for $29.95 or month-to-month membership for $5.95.