Equilibrium: Automated Ad Delivery System for Mobile Devices and PCs

SAUSALITO, Calif. -- Imagine pre-configured, targeted ads by demographics via emails and other messaging to mobile devices, as well as PCs.  It's now being offered by software and hosted services company Equilibrium.

The new system recently made its debut at the National Association of Broadcasters conference and the response was beyond enthusiastic, according to Equilibrium CEO Sean Barger.

"We've created a system-hosted service that allows you to instantly deploy delivery anywhere capability to your website," Barger told AVN.com. "You can put our media delivery bar under every video you have for instant delivery with advertising insertions."

The EQ Network enables content owners to quickly deploy the company's Media Delivery Bar on their site, allowing viewers to request personalized videos to be prepared and delivered via a breakthrough Ad-Per-View, Software as a Service programming. Content owners can quickly personalize video experiences to Web, wireless and mobile devices on-the-fly, without any pre-processing, and once set, the system "remembers" it all for the next similar delivery.

"We've effectively made a system that can ready any video type on the Web," Barger said.  "And much more than that, it can read larger advertising files, HD files and combine what's on your website with load-in ads orconnection to an ad network

and then auto-assemble it all on demand. So instead of taking the time and effort to have to prepare everything in advance, you have it ready instantly."

Equilibrium's Media Delivery Bar provides website video content owners with the tools to hyper-target advertisements to individuals based on voluntary demographic information they supply.  The Media Deliver Bar can be quickly installed on any Web page that contains video content, without requiring additional infrastructure costs or changes for the content owner or advertiser.

The system has been in development for a decade, Barger told AVN.com

"It took ten years and 200 man years of R&D. We spent the last four years preparing the launch," he said. "We've been building on the MediaRich core server, the automation and the media processing system; the Media Delivery Bar connects to the network and you have the Ad Per View system that ties it all together."

Equilibrium's Media Delivery Bar offers customizing options for assigning ads to any video for personalized advertising and/or sponsored viewing experiences. In a four-step process, the viewers chooses the video and device to be delivered to; they opt in to share demographic information; the requested video is automatically formatted; without need for pre-loading, into the Ad-Per-View system; and then, targeted video ads are inserted and delivered to the viewers' existing Internet video player, wireless or mobile device. Advertising, sponsors and IDs are also inserted on-the-fly into pre-roll, mid-stream or post-roll positions.

The EQ Network's scalable Ad-Per-View technology automatically optimizes video content for existing mobile devices, Internet video players, Flash video, Quicktime and new platforms as they become available.

"You set the parameters for age, demographic, etc. based on request and you do it just one time," Barger told AVN.com. "You never have to ask or set it again -- this system gives you hyper-targeted advertising."

For more information and a step-by-step video to see how the EQ Network and Media Delivery Bar work, visit the EQ Network.