Epic Cash Goes Up for Sale

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas - Internet-content provider Epic Cash has announced that it is for sale.


The sale of Epic Cash, which operates more than 50 pay sites, includes all properties, email and affiliate databases, traffic and remote servers. CEO Trey has set a $1.8 million price tag for the deal.


Trey said the saturation of the adult market and plummeting DVD sales were among the reasons for his decision to put his company up for sale.


"Epic Cash has been open for five years now, and all good things must come to an end," Trey told AVN Online. "I've made my money, and I'm ready to get out. There are too many shady things going on with Zango, et cetera."  

Contracts with outside content vendors who provide material for Epic Cash sites also will be included in the deal. About 80 percent of the content is purchased, and 20 percent is exclusive.

"There are many aspects I believe to be attractive to prospecting buyers," Trey said. "There are only four employees that work remotely who handle everything, our affiliate database consists of over 12,000 affiliates, and we have over 17 servers between Natnet and Split Infinity hosting.


"The cam and dating sites will not be affected by the sale or saturation of the market whatsoever. Furthermore, there really is no overhead because it's all white-labeled. That alone is worth close to $2 million over the next couple of years."


Trey said Epic Cash is a well-known brand that has been around for years and has earned a reputation for solid customer service, on-time payment and a very reliable back end with savvy programmers. 


"I can provide financials for the last five years ... and tax returns," he said. "The cams alone in re-bills are worth $2 million easy over the course of a two-year re-bill period."


Trey said his post-Epic Cash plans are to focus on his mainstream possibilities, rental properties and involvement in renewable-energy markets.


" I've done what I set out to do in adult, and I'm ready to move on," he said.


For more information, contact Trey at [email protected] or 361-850-0995.